Captain Australia is a white caucasian male in his 30s.

He has the following hero profile:

photographic memory
iron will
genius level IQ (intelligence quotient)
extraordinary physical strength *
extraordinary physical agility *
Master of Judo
Master of Ju-Jitsu
Master of Kung-fu
Master of Karate
Champion amateur boxing
Expert in Criminal Psychology
Expert Parkour (Street Running)
Self-trained expert in hostage negotiation
Toxin-resistant (ninja training)
Master of Escapology
Advanced Stealth & Infiltration techniques

* His physical powers are created & maintained by an intense daily training regimen

Additonally, Captain Australia has a close affinity to animals, and is generally able to tame or calm most animal species.  He is most at home in a natural environment, and has a green thumb.  It should also be noted that he has a mild – moderate fear of heights, and constantly challenges himself to overcome this (for example, he has been lowered from the New Zealand Skytower, 192m high: