Frequently Asked Questions

Are you for real ?


No, seriously, are you for real ?

Yes.  I am sincerely committed to being Captain Australia, the hero, the crime fighter, the inspiration.

What is your goal ?

I have four primary goals:

1) To prevent crimes through acting as a deterrent by actively patrolling and thus intimidating the criminal element.

2) To intervene when I see criminal activity, or to solve crimes that I become aware of.

3) To inspire normal people to be better, by demonstrating a level of moral excellence that I hope will serve as an example to the people I meet.

4) If all else fails, I can accept simply amusing or shocking people – having ordinary citizens lighten their hearts by amusement or surprise.

Do you have any history of mental illness ?

No.  And you should not assume that because someone is different, that they are insane.  Stigmatising people who are different is the root of all prejudice, it’s the ultimate underlying cause behind terror and all racial and religious hatred.  From one philosophical point of view, we are none of us different, we are all part of humanity, and should be respected individually for what we are.

Have you solved any actual crimes ?

Yes, although technically before I donned the mask of Captain Australia.  I have prevented 3 crimes as at 26 September 2009 (and hope to prevent or solve many more to come).

1) When I was 15 years old, I was attacked by two men with knives, who initially intended to rob me, but when I refused to pay, their intent became darker.  I beat both men into submission, preventing their crime against me.

2) About four years ago, I was walking through a city (I wont disclose more details to protect my secret identity), and I heard a woman’s screams.  I ran to the source, and found an older lady being sexually assaulted.  I grabbed her assailant and battered him with my fists and feet, until he ran.  Rather than pursue, I turned to assist the victim, I don’t believe the assailant was apprehended (to my great regret).

3) Last year, I saw a young boy shoplifting in a major department store.  I spoke calmly to him, urging him to reconsider the path he was on.  He did not steal at that time (I can only hope he refrained in future).

Why do you have an @ Symbol on your chest ?

The @ symbol was chosen for two reasons:  if you look at the outer loop closing in on the a, you can see that it is a little like a c and a combined – CA for Captain Australia.  Also it is homage to the fact that I use the internet to spread my message, and keep my online journal public for all to see – my mission is global not local, I may be Captain Australia, but I’m part of a global village.

Your hero profile sounds made up, do you really honestly have those skillsets ?

Yes.  I do not lie.  Since starting my journey in 2009, I have however noted that my skill levels and overall fitness has slipped, as at October 09, I am working hard to remedy this, to forge myself into the hero you deserve.

Have you had trouble with the police ?

I have no intent to interfere with peace officers upholding the law.  Largely, what I do isnt so much about the law as a higher moral imperative.  I will diligently act within the confines of the law, and as such I don’t expect any interference from the authorities.  It is my intent, should I witness any crimes, to immediately notify the authorities.

Criminals are violent, have you had to defend yourself yet ?

Refer above FAQ about solving crimes.  As Captain Australia, I have not yet had to defend myself (as at 26 September 2009)

Why are you filming me ?

My videographer follows me around to document my experiences as Captain Australia, with two particular purposes in mind.  1) Collection of evidence in the case of an assault or any criminal prosecution, 2) to document my activity in the hopes that it will inspire you, the public, and serve as a general record, proving that this is not just a joke, but a real endeavour.

Do you make any money out of this ?

No, I have a secret identity and a day job that funds my activities as Captain Australia.  I don’t want anything from you, except that you hear me out and consider my views on the world – and if you align with them, that you have the courage to apply change into your own life.  All I ask is that you let me help you.

That said, I do day-dream about Elton John or Bill Gates (or some other such fabulously wealthy benefactor) flicking me a couple of million dollars so that I can take up masked crime-fighting full time.  Until then, no – I don’t make any money out of what I’m doing.