Captain Australia’s Journal, Entry#89

Still off-duty while I attend to secret identity business (birth of my second son), with an intent to resume active city patrols some time in May.  In the meantime, working with candidate side-kicks and some like-minded colleagues to form

We’ll be putting together a Mission Statement, and attracting a group of founding members including Cipherman, Storm Dragon and potentially some of the sidekick candidates — but I’d like to invite the public to offer up suggestions and comments (and express interest in joining, if applicable).  As we progress, I’ll outline more information about this.

In the meantime, fitness levels have dropped a little over the past couple of months, so as of the last few weeks I’ve been back on a grueling training regime, starting with running at around 5am, followed by resistance training before a healthy breakfast.

I’m hoping to hear back from the young artisan who has offered to help put together my Captain Australia 2.0 uniform, which will be more utility focussed, and include integrated impact & slash resistant body armour.  It will probably take several months to put together, but this young man strikes me as quite a genius (if he gives me permission, I’ll provide some links and pictures of the kind of work he does).

Similarly, I think Cipherman is nearly done with my shield, I look forward to posting some pictures soon !