Captain Australia’s Journal, Entry#87

I’ve pulled “crime fighting” out of the journal notation, not because it isn’t an important part of what I do, but because it’s misleading.  I should probably sign in with “Captain Australia’s Evil Fighting Good Deed Doing Inspire Others Journal” but that’s just too much of a mouthful.

Last night I got out into the Valley, to attend this ‘Appreciation Night’ at the Mana Bar, and patrol around.  Wednesday night, so not much activity, but I’m starting to plug into the community, starting to form some connections that I think will be invaluable in finding people to help, or evil to fight.

I suppose that’s the distinction between crime fighting and fighting evil.  Sometimes criminality is not evil, and sometimes evil is not criminal.  In fact, sometimes the Law of the Land protects and harbors evil people.  (All too often, in fact).

I saw the video of the young kid pushed too far, who retaliated against bullies, and am told that this friday is declared ‘National Anti-Bullying Day‘.  Like most who watched the video, I found it hard not to give a little internal cheer when he body-slammed the other kid into the ground, but I have to caution myself that violence is never an acceptable solution.

I think it was Isaac Asimov who said “violence is the last resort of the incompetent mind”, and I agree with that.  Unfortunately we’re not all dignified and competent and can’t sit down and resolve our differences over a cup of tea.

I’m ready to fight if I have to, especially to protect someone else, but I think the fact that we glorify and obsess over violence is a damning indictment against us personally, and our society in general.