Captain Australia’s Crime Fighting Journal, Entry#84

It’s been a long time since my last journal entry, too long.

If you’ve been following my career as the masked crime-fighter and do-gooder, Captain Australia, you will know that I have a young child due to be born any day now.  I can’t share more detail without risking compromise to my secret identity, but this is the primary reason for not actively patrolling this past month or so.

Also, last week’s floods were devastating to most residents of Brisbane.  I personally was not directly affected, but as with so many people in the city, I gave as much of my time and resources to help people get their belongings to safety and to recover after the event.  (Doing this as an ordinary citizen, not wearing the Captain Australia uniform).

Randomly, I received a call from the team at Weekend Sunrise on thursday afternoon, asking if they could interview me today, and I’ve just finished the interview.  You can watch it below.  I apologise for the poor quality recording, and the baby babble in the back-ground, it’s just recorded on a handi-cam, I will try to organise better quality soon.

I’ve received some abuse after the interview, but also what appear to be a few legitimate requests for help.  If you’ve mailed me, I will come back to you privately in the next day or two and will keep it private until you give me permission to publicly share our discussions.

Until then, if you’re curious to learn more about me, just browse back through the archive of my journal entries, where I share my experiences as a vigilante crime-fighter and general do-gooder.  I hope they move you to try and do good deeds in your own day-to-day life.