Captain Australia’s Journal, Entry#89

Still off-duty while I attend to secret identity business (birth of my second son), with an intent to resume active city patrols some time in May.  In the meantime, working with candidate side-kicks and some like-minded colleagues to form

We’ll be putting together a Mission Statement, and attracting a group of founding members including Cipherman, Storm Dragon and potentially some of the sidekick candidates — but I’d like to invite the public to offer up suggestions and comments (and express interest in joining, if applicable).  As we progress, I’ll outline more information about this.

In the meantime, fitness levels have dropped a little over the past couple of months, so as of the last few weeks I’ve been back on a grueling training regime, starting with running at around 5am, followed by resistance training before a healthy breakfast.

I’m hoping to hear back from the young artisan who has offered to help put together my Captain Australia 2.0 uniform, which will be more utility focussed, and include integrated impact & slash resistant body armour.  It will probably take several months to put together, but this young man strikes me as quite a genius (if he gives me permission, I’ll provide some links and pictures of the kind of work he does).

Similarly, I think Cipherman is nearly done with my shield, I look forward to posting some pictures soon !

Captain Australia’s Journal, Entry#91

Tomorrow night (Tuesday 3 May @ 8:30pm), I’ll appear on the ABC program “Good Game”, talking about games, online culture, cyber bullying and morality in computer games.  I hope that I say something meaningful – and if not, I hope it’s at least worth a giggle, and attracts some people to come and learn about my Quest.

If you have not visited before, I am Captain Australia, and I believe that society is slowly darkening from the inside out like a rotten piece of fruit.  Superficially, everything might look okay, but you don’t have to poke too hard to find the undercurrent of decay beneath the surface.

I think of this social decline as a kind of cancer, but I think that it’s reversible, if we can turn away from apathy and selfishness and find a cure for this underlying rage, fear and isolation that seems a common symptom among people I meet on the street.

This reversal relies on us to come together, and take personal accountability for making the world a better place.  My own personal method is to:

Do Good Deeds, find people who need my help and be there for them, doing my best to help with problems that they are unable to solve themselves

Fight Evil, although evil wears many masks, I must persevere to find the faces of evil and face them down.  When I see evil, I must intervene and never turn a blind eye.  (Note that evil and crime can be the same thing, but not always)

Inspire Others, which is why I seek exposure to the public, in the hopes that other people will see the sense in what I’m doing and try to improve their own lives and the lives of people around them.  I believe that we all have influence, and the ripple effect of kindness is my greatest single hope for humanity.

I started my Quest about two years ago, and I’ve been able to help a variety of people, some tangibly in direct physical ways, such as preventing assaults or helping with food or recover stolen items – some intangibly, with advice, friendship and a willingness to sit and listen to the homeless, the lost, the spiritually bereft.

I keep a secret identity, which I protect very strictly.  My secret identity life has been taking control just at the moment, causing me to take a leave-of-absence from my dual life as Captain Australia to deal with some major life events, but I hope to get back on the street and resume active patrols sometime in late May.

In the meantime, there has been an explosion of public interest, and it’s come at an awkward time for me.  I’ve had requests to appear on a range of TV programs (see the “A Current Affair” interview below as an example), and I’ve also had people apply to be my sidekick.


There is one candidate who seems persistent and mostly serious (he is thinking of adopting the persona “The Down Under Boy Wonder”), but for the most part the people interested in pursuing this ‘real life superhero’ path have varying degrees of seriousness, time and resources – which has prompted some of us to think about forming the “Justice League of Australia”, an affiliation of Aussies who adopt a superhero persona and set out to make the world a better place.

In the meantime, I’m focussed on my home life, the only thing I’m giving to Captain Australia right now is about 2 hours of training in the mornings, to get my health and body right for when I get back on the street.

I have a supporter fashioning my new Shield, and another artisan who was going to put together a 2.0 uniform for me (but he’s gone strangely silent just lately, so I’m concerned the project will not go forward).  Also, someone randomly sent my this image which they call “Captain Australia at Work”  worth a giggle I guess.


In any case, if you’ve visited after seeing some of the recent media activity, thank you & welcome, feel free to browse the archives, you might also be interested to look at my story prior to becoming Captain Australia.  It’s a long read, five or six chapters, written up after a number of requests from the public.

Your friend

Captain Australia

Captain Australia’s Journal, Entry#87

I’ve pulled “crime fighting” out of the journal notation, not because it isn’t an important part of what I do, but because it’s misleading.  I should probably sign in with “Captain Australia’s Evil Fighting Good Deed Doing Inspire Others Journal” but that’s just too much of a mouthful.

Last night I got out into the Valley, to attend this ‘Appreciation Night’ at the Mana Bar, and patrol around.  Wednesday night, so not much activity, but I’m starting to plug into the community, starting to form some connections that I think will be invaluable in finding people to help, or evil to fight.

I suppose that’s the distinction between crime fighting and fighting evil.  Sometimes criminality is not evil, and sometimes evil is not criminal.  In fact, sometimes the Law of the Land protects and harbors evil people.  (All too often, in fact).

I saw the video of the young kid pushed too far, who retaliated against bullies, and am told that this friday is declared ‘National Anti-Bullying Day‘.  Like most who watched the video, I found it hard not to give a little internal cheer when he body-slammed the other kid into the ground, but I have to caution myself that violence is never an acceptable solution.

I think it was Isaac Asimov who said “violence is the last resort of the incompetent mind”, and I agree with that.  Unfortunately we’re not all dignified and competent and can’t sit down and resolve our differences over a cup of tea.

I’m ready to fight if I have to, especially to protect someone else, but I think the fact that we glorify and obsess over violence is a damning indictment against us personally, and our society in general.

Captain Australia’s Crime Fighting Journal, Entry#86

All this public attention could not have come at a worse time, as right now I am grappling with some profound obligations under my secret identity.  I’m quite staggered by the level of public support, and also by some of the threats and the hate.

Thankfully, my mission is clear and the public attention feeds it – my goal is to show the public that everyday people can take responsibility for the betterment of the world, and in their own way and on their own terms, try to be heroes.

If even one percent of the people that I talk to turned around and did more kindness in their lives, helped a stranger, smiled instead of frowned, then I know that my Mission is worthwhile.

Meantime, so much public attention, and here I am on a leave-of-absence, attending to secret identity business.  As you can see from the left, a business owner in The Valley has even gone so far as to organise a ‘Captain Australia Appreciation Night’.  (I am humbled).

A group of supporters have also rallied together with the goal of helping me create a more ‘respectable’ uniform.  I admit that I’m getting a bit droopy and run-down, but I didn’t think it was all that bad !  In any case, I am deeply indebted for the support.  On the topic of uniform, Cipherman has almost finished work on my Shield !  I’ll update a photograph of it soon, it’s not yet painted, he’s currently working on mounting the light and the camera.

I’ve been looking at candidates for my sidekick, and of the 30 or so seemingly serious contacts that I’ve received, only three of them seem truly genuine.  Of the three, I need to assess who is most aligned with my Quest, and who I can form a deep bond of trust with.

In the coming days, I’ll update you, but the front runners are currently Goanna Girl, the Down Under Boy Wonder, and Vegemite.

I’m going to do my best to make more journal entries from this point forward, although the focus for the next week or two is getting back into physical training in the early mornings.

Your friend

Captain Australia

Captain Australia’s Crime Fighting Journal, Entry#84

It’s been a long time since my last journal entry, too long.

If you’ve been following my career as the masked crime-fighter and do-gooder, Captain Australia, you will know that I have a young child due to be born any day now.  I can’t share more detail without risking compromise to my secret identity, but this is the primary reason for not actively patrolling this past month or so.

Also, last week’s floods were devastating to most residents of Brisbane.  I personally was not directly affected, but as with so many people in the city, I gave as much of my time and resources to help people get their belongings to safety and to recover after the event.  (Doing this as an ordinary citizen, not wearing the Captain Australia uniform).

Randomly, I received a call from the team at Weekend Sunrise on thursday afternoon, asking if they could interview me today, and I’ve just finished the interview.  You can watch it below.  I apologise for the poor quality recording, and the baby babble in the back-ground, it’s just recorded on a handi-cam, I will try to organise better quality soon.

I’ve received some abuse after the interview, but also what appear to be a few legitimate requests for help.  If you’ve mailed me, I will come back to you privately in the next day or two and will keep it private until you give me permission to publicly share our discussions.

Until then, if you’re curious to learn more about me, just browse back through the archive of my journal entries, where I share my experiences as a vigilante crime-fighter and general do-gooder.  I hope they move you to try and do good deeds in your own day-to-day life.